ReNEW – Resilience-centric Smart, Green, Networked EU Inland Waterways

ReNEW – Resilience-centric Smart, Green, Networked EU Inland Waterways As climate change affects severely the performance of IWT operation the priority is to create and test new solutions for both climate-neutral and climate-resilient IWT. Even when the focus is on improving infrastructure resilience, a climate resilient IWT can only be realised by solutions addressing the…


Waste2BioComp – Converting organic waste into sustainable bio-based components Waste2BioComp project aims to demonstrate relevant scale production of bio-based products and materials, as alternatives to replace traditional materials with high environmental footprint, using innovative manufacturing technologies. The project integrates all stages in the bio-based products lifecycles, starting from R&I activities regarding the sourcing of feedstocks…

MedBAN – Mediterranean Blue Acceleration Network

MedBAN – Mediterranean Blue Acceleration NetworkMedBAN aims to mobilize EU blue economy SMEs to adopt greener and digitalized processesSept 2022 – Oct 20247 partnersTotal budget: 1,4 M€Call for Proposals: Open Calls for Blue Economy SMEsClosed MedBAN deployed two simultaneous but separate open calls for EU Blue Economy SMEs. These open calls awarded financial support that…

SEANERGY – Sustainability Educational Programme for Greener Fuels and Energy on Ports

SEANERGY – Sustainability Educational Programme for Greener Fuels and Energy on Ports The SEANERGY project focuses on the exploitation of port energy systems and aims to transform European ports into producers and users of clean energy while decreasing the environmental impact of the industry. On a macro level, SEANERGY aims to move towards zero-emission ports,…

Vanusa Monteiro

Administrative and Financial Consultant

Tel: +351 937 151 800

Vanusa has experience and training in business management. Has a long and diversified experience in several markets, always in the field of management. Has also experience in EU funds management, applications for government financial support and public procurement. Has knowledge in the financial, administrative, budgeting and planning areas.

Patrícia Santos

Consultant | Strategic Communication & Dissemination

Patrícia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages and Business Affairs and a Master’s Degree in Management – Marketing and International Business from Aveiro University. Throughout her professional path, Patrícia has gained specialised knowledge in communication activities, focusing on reinforcing brand image and designing personalised strategies to promote EU-funded projects.