BE@T - BioEconomy at Textiles

BE@T project’s main ambition is to develop a new generation of added value products from biological resources instead of using fossil raw materials, while keeping the need for the production of high-quality products and the gateway to new markets opportunities.

BE@T is expected to explore new raw materials, techniques, technologies and equipments for producing or processing new bio-based textile structures. As such, BE@T will foster the matching of both market and legal demands related with environment and planet conservation.

Organised in 4 pillars, Biomaterials, Circularity, Sustainability and Society; the BE@T project main objectives are:

  1. To develop new traceable textile products and materials, from biological origin, renewable (including forest, agro-industrial residues and alternative natural fibers) and with better environmental credential;
  2. To explore innovative eco-design and eco-engineering approaches to ensure circularity of all textile products generated in project;
  3. To promote the use/reuse, collection and recycling of textiles, new business models and partnerships, as well as effective regional policies, to implement circular, sustainable and cost-effective value chains;
  4. To contribute to a culture of sustainability and responsible consumption, informing and involving consumers, textile chain agents, brands and other stakeholders.
  5. To contribute to the generation and consolidation of an innovative, sustainable and circular Textile and Clothing Industry;

For BE@T, Magellan is in charge of the Communication and Dissemination management.

July 2022 – Dec 2025

Role: Beneficiary

Total budget: 138 M€