BlueBARGE Project

Power barges are like floating power plants independent of external resources or infrastructure. Quick to deploy, they can provide energy to ships in emergencies or areas lacking land-based power plants. The EU-funded BlueBARGE project aims to design, develop, and demonstrate a fully integrated and more sustainable power barge solution primarily for offshore power to moored and anchored vessels. It will include greater electrification, battery storage, and potentially hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen generators. The project will address all relevant areas, including electrical integration; interfacing with ships, ports, and local grids; operational safety; and regulatory compliance. The solution, ready to be commercialised by 2030, will have an important impact on reducing the shipping industry’s emissions.

Magellan Circle is leading WP8: Engagement, Reach and Commercialisation.

Jan 2024 – Dec 2026

Role: Beneficiary

Total budget: 11.3M€