The project Douro’s Inland Waterway – Phase I (DIW) was part of a Global Project that aims at providing a safe and secure level of navigability to the Portuguese section of the Douro River. The Action consisted of hydrographic, topographic and geometric studies, development plans, and studies for the design of a River Information Services plan and modernisation of communications. It also addressed training and the preparation of an emergency plan. The Action improved traffic flows, contributing to a better connection between the Atlantic front and the rest of Europe, supporting economic growth and modal shift. The Global project Douro’s Inland Waterway 2020 aims to bring the maximum potential of Douro’s traffic flow.

This first phase aimed to plan the modernisation and correction of the river’s channel, design a River Information Services plan and design a rehabilitation plan for the five locks of the river. The impact of general cargo, bulks and cruise vessels’ navigation, and how the different freight flows can be accommodated will be assessed, considering the expected steep increase due to a large iron mine currently developing in the river’s hinterland. All to enhance the overall navigability capacity, safety and security of the river through the core seaport of Leixões and inner side of North and Centre regions, in Portugal, and the Spanish region of Castilla y León with the European and TEN-T standards.

Magellan was subcontracted to represent the figure of Technical Manager, providing the full project secretariat. The project management aimed to ensure that every activity goal was achieved and that the deadlines were met, to ease communication between all the intervenient parties and to elaborate all the mandatory control documents and tools such as the Quality Manual, the Action Status Report and the Financial Statements. This activity included the management of the project administrative questions and the management of all the activities in communication with all activity leaders (entities or persons responsible for each activity). The management structure procedures worked in a flexible manner in order to:

– Achieve perfect integration of the Partner and the involved experts enhancing their expertise, knowledge and networks in every stage of the project;

– Efficiently coordinate the processing of the work plan in a collaborative environment.

Mar 2015 – Dec 2016

Role: Subcontracted

Total budget: 4,7 M€