The goal of the IBCVET Project – IBCVET -International Benchmarking on CVET – 4 European Regions, was to particularly focus on the topics of CVET (Continuing Vocational Education and Training), pinpointed by the Bruges Communiqué and the Eurydice report on adult training. The project focused on the improvement of public policy, at a European, national and sectorial scale, contributing for the creation of training for adults’ opportunities, employees or unemployed, namely those with lower levels of qualification. The Blue Economy – for its special importance in the partnering countries – has been chosen as the scope of application of the Project.

Magellan contributed to IBCVET as a specialist in the establishment of effective partnerships and networking at EU level. Magellan played a leading role contributing to the overall approach to dissemination; identified CVET stakeholders at local, national and international level; disseminated the Project in a continuous way through different channels; contributed to Project reports with information about the dissemination activities; participated in the international forum media and organized communication activities.

Nov 2015 – Nov 2017

Role: Beneficiary & Co-coordinator

Total budget: 295K€