MedBAN - Mediterranean Blue Acceleration Network

MedBAN – Mediterranean Blue Acceleration Network will mobilize the blue economy SMEs to adopt processes and technologies for a greener, more digital and more resilient economy. The project consortium comprises six cluster organisations from Portugal, Spain,France, Italy and Greece.

The project is closely aligned with the Euroclusters’ specific objectives regarding networks, innovation, adoption of processes and technologies for the twin transition, training for the up and re-skilling of the workforce and internationalization of EU SMEs. At a first stage, it will provide resources for mapping the blue economy ecosystem, reporting on the connection between MedBAN and the relevant new smart specialisation strategies and national resilience plans and training the human resources of the cluster organisations. At a second stage, it will deploy the financial support to third parties, providing SMEs and start-ups with a large array of services which will tackle the specific objectives expected from an Eurocluster. It will implement this through two simultaneous but separate open calls for SMEs, divided into two different sets of services: one for innovation, training and twin transformation of businesses and one for internationalisation.

The MedBAN initiative actions will go beyond the project duration. As an Eurocluster, the 24-month MedBAN project will provide a solid framework and information for the blue economy ecosystem, identifying existing and new commercial opportunities for businesses, potential partnerships and support services, among other relevant data. Moreover, EU SMEs will not only benefit directly from the services within the scope of MedBAN, but also from the development of a portfolio of tailor-made services which they can use in the future.

Sept 2022 – Aug 2023

Role: Beneficiary

Total budget: 1,4 M€