MedBAN - Mediterranean Blue Acceleration Network

MedBAN aims to mobilize EU blue economy SMEs to adopt greener and digitalized processes

Sept 2022 – Oct 2024

7 partners

Total budget: 1,4 M€

Call for Proposals: Open Calls for Blue Economy SMEs

MedBAN deployed two simultaneous but separate open calls for EU Blue Economy SMEs. These open calls awarded financial support that funded two different sets of services: one for innovation, training and twin transformation of businesses and one for internationalisation actions.

The results will be available soon, by the beginning of September.

The Project

MedBAN – Mediterranean Blue Acceleration Network will mobilize the EU blue economy SMEs to adopt processes and technologies for a greener, more digital and more resilient economy. It will manage two open call schemes to fund a set of services for SMEs on innovation, training, twin transformation and internationalisation issues.

Euroclusters Initiative

MedBAN integrates the Euroclusters’ Initiative and is closely aligned with its specific objectives on networks, innovation, adoption of processes and technologies for the green and digital transition, training for the up and re-skilling of the workforce and internationalization of EU SMEs. It aims to reinforce the EU New Industrial Strategy.

Our partners

The project consortium comprises six cluster organisations from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece.

  • D5.2 – Kick-off Webinar
    A kick-off webinar was organised on November 2022 to publicly present the project’s objectives and to discuss the pathways to a more resilient, green and digital EU Blue Economy, thereby gathering insights and previewing the actions that MedBAN will deploy.


  • D2.1 – Resilience preparedness/business continuity plan (Mapping the Mediterranean Blue Economy Ecosystem)
    This document maps the blue economy ecosystem in the EU Mediterranean countries of the consortium, further clarifying the inner workings of the ecosystem, its key players, nodes in the value chain, needs, enablers, barriers and opportunities, resulting in a resilience preparedness/continuity plan highlighting new collaboration models. The challenges identified in this deliverable constitute the thematic areas to tackle in the open calls to SMEs.


  • D2.2 – Connecting MedBAN to Smart Specialisation Strategies (3S) and National Resilience Plans (NRP)
    This document follows on the work developed in the Mapping of the Mediterranean blue economy ecosystem published in February 2023. It aims to highlight the coherence between the sixteen MedBAN challenges identified in the mapping (3/4 challenges per each sector – aquaculture, fisheries, tourism, renewable marine energies and ports) and the national/regional policies and funding instruments of each partner country.

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