ReNEW - Resilience-centric Smart, Green, Networked EU Inland Waterways

As climate change affects severely the performance of IWT operation the priority is to create and test new solutions for both climate-neutral and climate-resilient IWT. Even when the focus is on improving infrastructure resilience, a climate resilient IWT can only be realised by solutions addressing the IWT system.

ReNEW has set the ambitious target of playing a key role in supporting the transition of IWT to a smart, green, sustainable and climate-resilient sector, promoting economic growth and minimising the negative impact on the environment and, significant and lasting degradation of ecosystems. To achieve this, the project will build on previous results, will capitalise on cooperation opportunities with ongoing projects and initiatives and will go beyond the state of the art in a number of ways.

For ReNEW, Magellan is leading Living Lab 2 – Douro River Waterway and the WP5 – Outreach & Upscale.

Sept 2022 – Sept 2025

Role: Beneficiary

Total budget: 7.7 M€