The Sea Traffic Management Validation Project is a Motorways of the Sea project that aims to validate the Sea Traffic Management (STM) concept and pave the way for smooth deployment of new collaborative services previously unknown to sea transport but existing for many years in other transport sectors. It envisages test beds in Northern Europe and Mediterranean Sea, engaging 300 vessels, 10 ports of different sizes and 3 shore centres.

The STM Validation Project encompasses 39 partners (private, public and academic) from 13 countries and with a total budget of 42 million Euro. STM will overcome many of the challenges of communication and information sharing between stakeholders in the maritime transport industry and create significant added value to, in particular, shipand cargo-owners as well as ports. The preceding MONALISA projects have brought advancements in technology and digital innovation to the maritime sector, a base for a sustainable shipping industry, reducing the environmental impact while improving safety and efficiency.

Magellan takes part in STM project in order to analyse the need for competence and training of operational staff, both on board as well as shore-based systems and tools for providing professional and operational skills to staff involved in all types of traffic scenarios.

Jan 2015 – Dec 2018

Role: Beneficiary

Total budget: 42M€