SEANERGY - Sustainability Educational Programme for Greener Fuels and Energy on Ports

The SEANERGY project focuses on the exploitation of port energy systems and aims to transform European ports into producers and users of clean energy while decreasing the environmental impact of the industry.

On a macro level, SEANERGY aims to move towards zero-emission ports, becoming a “clean energy hub for integrated electricity systems, hydrogen and other low carbon fuels, and testbeds for waste reuse and the circular economy”. The project will provide a solution to this challenge through the creation of the SEANERGY Master Plan (MP), which is meant to be an aggregator of information and guidelines that will allow all the port-industry’s stakeholders to assess, plan and execute the necessary activities towards transforming ports into clean energy hubs.

In SEANERGY, Magellan Circle is the project coordinator and coordinates the work of all six Work Packages.

Oct 2022 – March 2025

Role: Coordinator

Total budget: 2.5 M€