WiderMoS Project

The overall objective of the WiderMoS project was to improve interoperability between the sea and the other transport modes by developing new port/ship/rail/inland interfaces. The project included the development of five Pilot Corridor Management Platforms in order to allow a seamless shipment management and communication within the supply chain. The pilots aimed at overcoming specific bottlenecks with a focus on paperless logistics/e-customs processes (eventually including e-seals) with priority for the integration of inland/seaport terminals and rail.

Within WiderMos, Magellan was subcontracted to design a roadmap proposing the first steps to be taken for the expansion of the WiderMoS project to Brazil by presenting a general overview of the maritime ports in Brazil, its correspondent inland connections and the customs procedures, considering the most relevant stakeholders. Capitalising on the knowledge created in the WiderMos project about European corridors, the analysis focused on the possibility of developing a corridor between the Port of Leixões and the Port of La Spezia on the European side, and the Port of Santos and Pecém on the Brazilian side, with a particular focus on the Fresh Food Corridor.

Jun 2013 – Dec 2015

Role: Subcontracted

Total budget: 5,94M€